How To Choose The Size For Shoes Or Apparel?

How To Choose The Size For Shoes Or Apparel?

When it comes to purchasing shoes or apparel, measuring the size is really challenging. Especially if you are going to purchase something online then you get confused which size will be suitable. Hence this post will be very valuable for you as you will get to know how to make the measurements and how to choose the size for shoes or apparel.

Size chart:

Every Store has its own size chart but many people don't have an idea how to read the size chart and how to make measurements accurately. Whether it is a shoes brand or apparel store, the specific size chart is available with every item. Before placing an order, you must go through the size chart and find the appropriate measurement.

In the size chart, either US standard measurements are available or the metric measurements are available. To measure the size in any unit, you must have a typical apparel tape as it has both metric and standard measurements.

U.S measurement system versus metric system

Most of the countries usually follow the international System of units that is the metric system. However, the U.S has its own system based on the Imperial system of pounds and inches. When we talk about the US measurement system, they measure in ounces, pounds, inches and feet. On the other side, the units of a standard metric system are centimeters, meters, grams and kilograms.

Hence, this is the very first difference that you will notice when your plane will land at the U.S Airport. Your baggage will not be measured in kgs but it will be measured in pounds.

Choosing the size of an Apparel:

First of all, we will discuss the sizing of apparel. It is important for you to know that the size of males apparel is different from the size of female apparels. For whichever sex you want to place an order, you can easily choose the size of an apparel through some simple steps.

You have to own a typical apparel measuring tape. Then you are required to measure the following areas of your body:

Length- To check the length of your pants, put the starting corner of apparel measuring tape on your ankle where your pants usually end and bring it up till your hips where you tie your pants. Read on the tape, which inch or centimeters number has reached. For example, it can be 34 inches or 89.36 centimeters, etc. In the same way, you can check the length of your shirt and its sleeves in inches as well as in centimeters.

Waist- Wrap the tape around your waist, note down the measurement in inches and in centimeters.

Hips- Hips measurement is usually taken for pants and skirts. To take this measurement, wrap the apparel measuring tape around your hips and note down the number in inches or in centimeters.

Chest- Chest measurement is taken for a shirt. Wrap the tape around your chest and note the inches or centimeters.

Shoulders width- For purchasing the shirt, you should also measure the shoulders width so that you can choose an appropriate size of shirt. Put the tape from one shoulder and take it to the other shoulder. Then see which cm or inch has reached.

So these are the important areas to measure. Once you have measured these areas, note down these measurements somewhere for future use. These will be your standard measurements in inches as well as in cm. Now when you know your measurements in both of the measuring systems, i.e., U.S system and Metric system, you can check the size chart of any dress from any Store and can confidently place an order.

Choosing the Size of Shoes:

Choosing the size of shoes is also challenging. The size of the foot does not change even if you lose or gain the weight. Once you have checked the right size of your foot, you can remember it for a lifetime and can place orders in the same size every time.

The question is how to check the size of shoes?

You can measure it using the standard measuring tape that has both types of measurements i.e., inches and centimeters. Measure the area between the heel and toe. This is your shoe size, note it down in both units and note it down for future use.

Size chart of Jhipp2: is a reputed and highly professional online store. In this store, there is a big variety of apparels including kids collection, women collection and men collection. The sizes are available in inches as well as in cm so as to keep things easy for the customers.

With every item, you will find the size chart. Check it out, and choose the size that is accurate for your body size.

In the same way, you can check the size chart of shoes with every item in our store and can place an order for the right size. U.S size, Chinese size and Russian size are available in the size charts. Hence, you must be very well-aware of the shoe size before placing an order.


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